Our Business

Our business is the exciting adventure of solving technological problems of our clients and creating new worlds of high tech solutions, products and applications.

Key business lines of Nanotech Group include:

  • production of nanomaterials including nanometals and nanophosphors,
  • application of nanomaterials in document and brand protection, polymer compounds for cabling industries and microelectronics,
  • medical applications.

To satisfy the technology needs of our customers the Nanotech Group invests at the early stage of technology development and actively supports startup companies and individual inventors in the commercialization of their products.

Our usual place in the technology development chain is at the end of the process starting with academic research through support of RTO* and ending with practical application.

*RTO – Research and Technology Organisations are specialised knowledge organisations dedicated to the development and transfer of science and technology to the benefit of the economy and society. RTOs occupy the middle ground between academic research and practical application.

Source: http://www.earto.eu/



Thanks to our close cooperation with our clients, investors and inventors, the portfolio of applications of our materials and technologies is growing, creating new investment opportunities and generating new innovation needs of our clients. Current opportunities may be consulted here.

We are dedicated to enhancing the corporate business of our companies and our customers by raising their competitive advantage through innovation. Actual innovation needs of our companies and our customers can be found here.

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