Next generation nano-lubrication oils

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Starting from the early 50’s it is broadly known to the industry that copper nanopowder as a lubrication oil additive has good tribological properties. Numerous research institutions from Europe, US, Russia and China have performed quantitative research on it and confirmed those facts.

Nano-metallic additives offer excellent characteristics in aspects of reducing friction coefficient, reducing wear effect of mating parts, self-repairing of minute damages caused by friction, and consequently result in longer life of engines, gear boxes etc., lower consumption of fuel, better heat transfer and lower emission of waste gases.

The market presence of such oils, lubricants and greases were significantly limited by the high prices of nano components and the lack of dependable product quality assurance.

Nanotech Group has overcome problems of quality assurance and prices allowing the lubricant industry to innovate in the area of a new generation of fluids, lubricants, greases and oils, increasing their functional, mechanical and thermal characteristics.

The application of Nanotech Group technologies may lead to the innovation in automotive lubricants, high performance greases, long life wind power lubricants, industrial lubrication oils etc.

Unlike any other manufacturer of copper nanopowders in the industry, Nanotech Group can offer unique opportunity to produce cost effectively and with quality assurance, nanopowders with precisely defined grain size, shape and purity. First, it is opening the market of mass application of nanocompounds in lubricants, secondly, it is giving the lubricant manufacturer the unique opportunity to tailor precisely nanocompounds for use in lubricants dedicated to different applications. One can assume that the family of lubricants with nanometallic compounds will conquer the market very soon.

Benefits summary

  • Lower friction, longer engine life, lower exploitation costs,
  • Reduced wear of mating parts,
  • Improved heat transfer,
  • Lower emission of CO, NOx

Development summary

This technology is proven by numerous research institutions worldwide.

IP summary

This technology is supported by patent applications in >40 countries.

Suggested actions

Elaboration of own formulas for oil additives, industry approvals, international sales development.

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